Friday, June 10, 2011

Exhibition 79 (1979) Jean-François Davy

Exhibition 79 - Jean-François Davy (1979)
Language: French / Subtitles: English (srt file)
Aspect Ratio:
Widescreen / Duration: 91mn
Dvdrip Xvid - 592x352 - 749mb

Claudine Beccarie... Herself
Richard Lemieuvre... Himself
Catherine Greiner... Herself (as Kathy Greiner)
Dominique Irissou... Himself (as Dominique Herissou)
Didier Humbert... Himself
Marilyn Jess... Herself (as Dominique Troyes)

No sex in this movie ; this is a documentary focusing on the personality of Claudine Beccarie, one of the leading figures of mid-70s French porn production. By that time she had decided to stop performing in front of the cameras. Davy tries to draw a statement of how it was then to work in the pornographic business. He possibly was aware that something was changing, and that production means & ways of living and thinking would change the viewers' minds and the work in itself. In fact, the film, through the analysis of Beccarie's lives (sex life, family life, child life, life at the farm, and so on) draws the portrait of the era, with its clichés (intentionally maintained ?) and its good stuff -- which lies in fact in Claudine's charisma, since the girl's simplicity and honesty are just moving. By the way, she has such a nice voice ! ... Anyway, this film deserves a viewing in spite of its many weaknesses (the scenes with the young actors dealing with the so-much-talked-about "Is pornography a form of prostitution ?" and all that kind of stuff) because of the funny music and the spread-throughout smell of that so nice era -- the seventies. Just one example : Claudine speaking about Love and romantic life for a woman -- just essential matters -- holding closely a sweet rabbit in her arms. This may be the worst form of our French humor, in its own peculiar way.



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