Thursday, June 9, 2011

Her Vengeance (1988) Ngai Kai Lam

Her Vengeance (Uncut) aka Xue mei gui (1988) DVDRIP
Director: Ngai Kai Lam (Story of Ricky) / Country: HK
Aspect ratio: Widescreen / Color / 92 mns
Language: Cantonese / Subtitles: English (srt file)
File: avi / Xvid / 1118 mo
"Her Venegeance" is easily one of the darkest HK films I have seen.The film is as great as I expected. Very dark and merciless and surprisingly anti-violent in its theme after all which is of course great thing and makes the film much more noteworthy piece of work. The violence is raw and the inhuman rape scene is shot in dark cemetery with incredibly dark blue lightning so the scene is as strong and intense as they come. Also veteran actor the late great Lam Ching Ying does a great role as a wheelchair bound uncle who first tries to make the protagonist forget her thoughts about revenge but after all starts to prefer revenge himself, too, and after that, the hell is on the loose and the final bloodbath is very insane again. Among the greatest HK dark thrillers of all time.So if you are a fan of extreme Asian cinema give this gem a look.


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