Friday, June 10, 2011

Intikam Kadini aka Turkish I Spit On Your Grave (1979)

Intikam Kadini (1979) aka Turkish I Spit On Your Grave
Country: Turkey l Director: Naki Yurter
Language: Turkish l Subtitles: English (srt File)
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1 l Length: 60mn
Xvid Avi - 304x224 - 611mb
Quality is awful but it's watchable and it's the only way to see this incredible odditie.

A quartet of roaming real estate agents has a car breakdown somewhere in the Turkish countryside. A friendly older gentleman and his daughter Aysel (Zerrin Dogan) agree to help the men out with a place to sleep for the night. That turns out to have been a mistake, because the next morning, the men first rape Aysel, then kill her dad only to merrily go their ways afterwards, I imagine whistling.
Aysel decides against the suicide option to solve what she calls her "state of disgrace". Instead, she vamps up a little - as you do as the protagonist in one of the more exploitative rape revenge films - and seeks out her tormentors one after the other to first seduce (or at least bait them with sex) and then kill them, usually while the needle-dropped soundtrack plays a funky little salsa tune.
Intikam Kadini is one of the relatively few surviving films of the great Turkish sexploitation wave of the late 70s. It seems that most of these films have been systematically censored and destroyed, tragically leaving even less of the films of this sub-genre available now than of the other parts of Turkish popular cinema of its time. Consequently, the version of Intikam Kadini going around is sourced from our old friend, the nearly colourless VHS tape, which itself is sourced from a beat up looking, but at least complete (one surmises) film source.

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