Friday, June 10, 2011

Macumba Sexual (1983)

Macumba Sexual (1983) Jess Franco
Country: Spain l Language: Spanish l Subtitles: English (hardcoded)
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1 l Length: 80mn
Dvdrip Xvid Avi - 720x304 - 699mb

The mysterious Princess Obongo(Ajita Wilson)of the Canary Islands, who may or may not be dead, and her erotic(..and perhaps evil)effects on a vacationing couple. Alice(Lina Romay)is a real estate agent and her lover(Antonio Mayans),a writer, are overcome by the passionate dreams featuring Obongo and the film follows their submission to her lustful will. What are Obongo's motives? More importantly, who is she and what does she symbolize/represent? What is her purpose and/or objective for Alice and her lover?

While the film is essentially another VERY stylized and evocative porno, Franco uses imagery of voodoo, African statues & tribal objects, along with the stunning locations of the South of the Canary Islands and dream-like sequences between Obongo(mostly relishing her acts towards her quarry)and her prey, to create an otherworldly experience. I don't think one ever truly feels the film is grounded in reality, and I do feel that's what Franco was going for. The film is really about Franco's love affair with the Canary islands and Romay's naked flesh..the director's camera embraces both. I do think the setting, and voodoo imagery layered within, are crucial for the atmosphere produced in this film. I didn't particularly find any of the characters attractive, so the other strengths worked more for me that the multiple sex sequences. Ajita Wilson is quite a presence on screen, if the others in the film do little to assist her. Romay looks rather ridiculous in that wig, but she is basically in the film to move and twist her naked body in a bed, or being seduced by Wilson and her hideous, dog collared entourage.



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